Upcoming Shows

Sun Dec. 30

9:00 La​st Call 

Reed City, MI




An early incarnation of the band was formed by Rob and Josh in the Spring of 2018.  The duo rehearsed songs and discussed image/stage show while searching for a drummer. Answering an ad lead them to a drummer out of Traverse City.  Unfortunately, this combination did now work out and they parted ways with him.  

However, an ad on BandMix caught their eye and soon enough they had their drummer in Randy. After only one rehearsal it was clear that this was the foundation everyone had been looking for.

The trio set to work perfecting cover songs and originals.  The search for a lead guitarist was on.  This proved to be much more challenging than finding a drummer.  After auditioning close to 15 lead guitarists they found their man in Kyle.  With their lineup complete, they set to work on perfecting their set lists, stage show, and image.

The completed lineup has been in place since  late September of 2018.  

The next logical step is to take their Live Show to the masses...

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